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3 Iraq lawyers were abducted by armed militias

November 18, 2019 at 11:01 am

Shia Iraqi militias on 19 November 2016 [ZamanAlwslEng‏/Twitter]

The Iraqi Bar Association today deplored the abduction of three lawyers, amid mass protests against widespread corruption.

Three lawyers were reportedly kidnapped by armed militias in Baghdad and the southeastern province of Maysan last week.

In a statement, Diaa Al-Saadi, the head of the Bar Association, described the abductions as a “serious crime that creates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation among peacefully protesting lawyers and the Iraqi public”.

He called on the security authorities to disclose the fate of the abducted lawyers and ensure their full protection.

Since early October, Iraq has seen mass popular protests against government policies which, according to protesters, failed to address the poor living conditions of Iraqis and end corruption. The demands later developed into demands of dissolving Adil Abdul-Mahdi’s government.

According to Iraq’s High Commission for Human Rights, at least 335 Iraqis have been killed and around 15,000 have been injured since the protests began on 1 October.

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