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Bennett threatens Gaza, Lebanon and Syria

November 26, 2019 at 4:42 am

Israeli defence minister, Naftali Bennett, 27 September 2017 [HNM News/Facebook]

Israeli Defence Minister, Naftali Bennett, threatened on Monday the Gaza Strip, Syria and Lebanon, saying: “You know that our response will be very painful and to the point.” Benett’s made such a threat during his participation in the 63rd anniversary of the fall of Israeli soldiers in the 1956 tripartite aggression against Egypt, in the presence of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in Jerusalem.

Bennett said: “It is obvious by now for our enemies that we will respond to any attempt threatening our existence. It is also clear to them that our response will be exact and very painful.”

He added: “I am addressing not only those who want to kill us on the southern front (Gaza Strip) but also those in the north”, about Syria and Lebanon.

Bennett stressed that the Israeli army “would continue to stand firm against proximal and distant threats. We will stand steadfastly, wisely and boldly, using the most advanced means we have at hand, in the face of all dangers and threats.”

Regarding the security tensions, which took place during the past two weeks, Bennett stated: “The map of the Middle East has changed. However, we are still facing the same threats, with different facets sometimes.”

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During the previous two weeks, military tensions between Israel and “hostile” factions in Syria have taken place, the latest of which resulted in the death of 23 individuals, including 16 non-Syrian fighters, according to a new toll released by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) on Wednesday. Thus, the Israeli army carried on overnight raids on locations of the Syrian regime and Iranian forces in Damascus and its countryside.

Rivlin accused the Islamic Jihad Movement, Hamas and “Iran’s affiliates of trying to drag us into a continuous bloody struggle and causing terror and anxiety among the entire population of Israel.”

He continued: “Anyone, who thinks that we have forgotten how to deal with the ongoing attrition warfare, will be confronted by the Israeli population’s psychological immunity, again and again,” referring to the “strength of the Israeli home front and the absolute commitment of the Israeli soldiers.”