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Iran gave six crushing blows to US and allies in the region

Iran has given six crushing blows to the US and its allies in the region, Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, a top military aide to Iran's leader of the Islamic Revolution, announced on Thursday.

Reported by Iran's MEHR News Agency, Safavi declared: "Greater defeats are expecting those who seek damaging Iran apparently or covertly."

He added: "They should know that the Iranian nation is ready to foil any conspiracy… Iranian martyrs delivered six slaps to the US" during the war in the Gulf region.

Meanwhile, MEHR disclosed that Safavi also referred to the Israeli occupation of Palestine, noting that Israel: "Who wished to connect the Nile to Euphrates, is feeling insecure in those lands."

In addition: "Syrian and Iraqi governments have learnt resistance from the Islamic Republic of Iran and its leader. Having Iranian martyrs as their symbols, Yemenis have resisted against enemies for five years."

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At the same time, he stressed that the leader of the Islamic Republic can break the equations of the intruders, with only the power of his words and speech.

MEHR also reported that Safavi noted in an earlier occasion that: "Our power has improved beyond the Iranian borders."

He added: "We have changed from a national power into a regional one and the Americans are well aware of the meaning of Iran's influence in the region. Their pressure on Iran is a result of their anger at our influence."

Safavi also announced: "Americans and Zionists and their slaves have become weak, and America's weakness is shown in their disability to control the situation in Syria and also to overthrow Bashar Al-Assad."

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