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Israel hangs dead Palestinian from bulldozer

Israeli forces hang the body of a Palestinian man from a bulldozer

February 24, 2020 at 11:21 am

Israeli forces shot dead a Palestinian near the Gaza-Israel fence yesterday then carried his body away on a bulldozer, a video that has sparked outrage shows.

Filmed by a photographer working with the West Bank-based news agency Al-Hadath, the video show the lifeless body of 27-year-old Mohammed Al-Naem hanging from the bulldozer after he was shot dead along the Gaza-Israeli fence.

Al-Naem was a member of the Gaza-based Al-Quds Brigades, an armed wing of the resistance faction Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Safa news agency reported yesterday.

The bulldozer approached the body as Palestinians tried to recover Al-Naem’s corpse to avoid it being detained by occupation forces.

They were forced to flee as the vehicle approached them at speed, picked up Al-Naem’s body by his clothing and carried him away, he lifeless body is clearly visible as a tank nears to protect the Israeli machinery.

A number of Palestinians were injured in the attack, with one seen hopping away after he was shot in the leg by occupation forces.

Israeli Defence Minister Naftali Bennett defended the military action stating that the military was trying to retrieve the body of “a terrorist”.

“This is how it should be done, and this is how it will be done,” he wrote.

“Israel intended to kill an unarmed young man, in front of the cameras of the whole world,” Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum said.

“The abuse of his body right before the eyes of the entire world is a heinous crime that can be added to the other crimes against our people.”

Adalah, the Legal Centre for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, has demanded a criminal investigation into the incident and sent a letter to the Israeli Chief Military Advocate General Sharon Afek, detailing that the actions “depicted in the video were viewed as war crimes and blatant violations of international criminal law, and international human rights and humanitarian law.”

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