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Yemen: Document exposes Saudi coalition support for Al-Qaeda in Baydah

April 9, 2020 at 10:41 am

The Yemen Press Agency has reported that a southern journalist has posted a document purporting to show the extent of the relationship between the US-supported, Saudi-led coalition and the terrorist group Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in the central Yemeni province of Al-Baydah.

“An official document from the al-Humiqani tribe warns Saudi-led coalition against sending weapons to terrorist organizations through the Al-Rashad Party,  Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist Abdul Rahman Abu al-Harith al-Humiqani, who is affiliated with Daesh,” said Salah Bin Laghbar, posted on Twitter. He speculated that it is part of escalat ions by Saudi-backed terrorist forces against the south, in which UAE-backed separatists are presently in control of the UN-recognised government’s de facto capital, Aden. The letter was addressed to the commander of the Saudi-led coalition, Brigadier General Mujahid Al-Otaibi.

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In another, Laghbar explained that a second document from the Saudi Ministry of Defence is said to have directed the coalition to transfer weapons to the same person his tribe warned against. If true, warned the journalist, the ignorance of the coalition will lead to a major disaster.

Last year an investigative report found that coalition partners, Saudi and UAE had transferred US arms to Al-Qaeda linked groups and a Salafi militia, whose commander had once led the Yemeni branch of Daesh.

On Tuesday, the Al-Baydah province witnessed intense fighting, following conflicting reports that the pro-Houthi Yemeni army had gained control over key areas, including the Qaniyah front. This led to 12 airstrikes carried out by coalition warplanes over the province.

Yesterday, the pro-Houthi army spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Saree announced on Twitter, that in response to the Baydah aggression, the army responded with a Qassem ballistic missile which was fired at the Al-Shajri base in Abyan province, hosting Saudi-backed forces, killing and injuring dozens.

“We affirm that the upper hand of the armed forces will reach all forces of aggression and their mercenaries wherever they are,” he said.

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