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Palestinians Abroad launch campaign to support Palestinian prisoners during coronavirus pandemic

Live video seminar today, 14 April, at 4pm BST (3pm GMT)

April 12, 2020 at 6:55 pm

The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad have launched a campaign to support and highlight the condition of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. Part of the campaign will be a video seminar,  at 16.00 BST on Tuesday, 14 April 2020.

Join the seminar on Zoom or watch the live video below.



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In solidarity with our hero prisoners in their aggravating plight as coronavirus threatens to invade their overcrowded rooms and cells, adding to the crimes of repression, oppression, medical negligence and poor health conditions they already suffer, given the Zionist jailer that is intentionally putting their lives on the line – a situation that a number of our sick prisoners had to grabble with recently as they were denied access to necessary medical care – the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad is launching an international campaign, aiming to support the prisoners and to stand in solidarity with them, under the slogan “You Are Not Alone, We Are With You”.

The spread of the novel coronavirus (covid19) within the ranks of the Zionist occupation soldiers poses a direct threat to the lives of Palestinian prisoners in the occupation’s jails, especially after it has been proven that the Zionists are continuing to violate the human international law and the Third Geneva Convention, on the treatment of war prisoners in particular, for 200 children and 45 female prisoners are yet held in the occupation’s jails under conditions incompatible with the human rights.

Our prisoners need a global support to realize their just demands and to expose all the violations to prisoners and human rights they are subjected to.

While hundreds of administrative detainees are held captive without trials; other detainees have almost completed their sentences. It is necessary that they all be released immediately as an urgent step to combat the virus. Otherwise, they will be exposed to the risk of contracting the virus passed to them by the jailers.

Concerning the rest of the hero prisoners—the majority, some must be released to be re-tried due to torture; others, however, have spent more than half of their sentences, knowing that many states around the world have evacuated prisoners from their jails as they are not ready to be held accountable for the prisoners’ getting infected.

All measures should be urgently taken and all health and preventive laws should be put into practice to keep the virus’ danger off the prisoners. Otherwise, the “Israeli” entity leaders outside the prison along with the officers and soldiers inside it will be responsible for any corona cases in prison and for any harm including death, who must be brought to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for committing war crimes and offences against humanity.

The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, as it starts the global campaign to support our heroic prisoners through social media platforms and various media channels, will make the necessary calls and legal consultations on the intentional crime of seeking to pass on the coronavirus to prisoners in the occupation’s jail and allowing its spread despite all the warnings.

The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, triggered by the tragic circumstances having in their clutches humanity as a whole, calls on the international community, its organizations and active institutions, to put pressure on the Israeli occupation authorities to immediately release all Palestinian prisoners detained without a legal basis and contrary to all the provisions of the international law.