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Calls for global action to save Palestinian prisoners

April 17, 2020 at 1:51 pm

Palestinian Prisoners Day

The Palestinian Forum in Britain today called on international institutions and human rights organisations to pressure Israel to release thousands of prisoners in light of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

In a statement released to mark Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, the forum also urged human rights and humanitarian institutions to do their part to seek the release of Palestinian prisoners, persecuted and oppressed in prisons around the Arab world and around the world.“We commemorate the day of the Prisoner this year whilst more than 5,700 Palestinian men and women are locked behind bars in the prisons of the occupation; amongst them 700 patients, some of whom are suffering from life-threatening diseases whereas the countries of the world are racing to release the prisoners for fear of the spread of the coronavirus,” it said.The organisation went on to “salute and appreciate our courageous prisoners … who sacrifice their youth behind bars for the freedom of their people and their land”.

Israel, it continued, is “detaining Palestinian prisoners in inhumane and unhealthy conditions, in light of the spread of this pandemic, which threatens their lives.”

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