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Preacher demands Algeria-Turkey coordination to bring peace to Libya

Turkish armed forces with Libyan military officials in Tripoli, Libya on 18 July 2020 [Mücahit Aydemir/Anadolu Agency]
Turkish armed forces with Libyan military officials in Tripoli, Libya on 18 July 2020 [Mücahit Aydemir/Anadolu Agency]

Libyan writer and Islamic historian, Ali Al-Sallabi, who is a member of the International Association of Muslim Scholars (IAMS), warning against effort to arm Libyan tribes.

Al-Sallabi stressed the importance of adhering to a political solution in Libya and called for the need to develop this position in order to stop violence.

“Algeria can play a positive role in bringing peace to Libya, given its location and historical role in supporting peoples’ right to determine their fate.”

He added: “The position expressed by the Algerian President, Abdelmajid Tebboune, regarding his adherence to the option of a political solution to the crisis in Libya, and his warning against the effort to arm the Libyan tribes sought by countries, especially the Egyptian regime, once again confirms that the regional and international parties lost their bet on the military option in Libya.”

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Al-Sallabi expressed his hope that “the Algerian political position towards Libya will be developed to include not only supporting  political negotiation between the Libyan parties, but also pressuring Russia and the rest of the regional parties supporting retired Libyan Major General Khalifa Haftar to desist from this option.”

The Libyan historian, who worked for years on the reconciliation file between the Libyan parties, including tribal leaders and elders, pointed out that “the Algerian effort can be effective if it is combined with coordination with the Turkish role, the UN mission in Libya and supporters of the right of the Libyan people to freedom and a civil democratic state, in a way that can support the efforts to establish peace and end violence.”

On Sunday, Algerian President, Tebboune, said: “I have heard during the previous 24 hours talk about arming the Libyan tribes for self-defence, and this is very dangerous, and we will be faced with a new Somalian scenario to which there would be no solution.”

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