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Batel campaign calls on leaders, officers of Egypt army to act

A general view the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on 26 December 2019 [EDUARDO SOTERAS/AFP/Getty Images]
A general view the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on 26 December 2019 [EDUARDO SOTERAS/AFP/Getty Images]

Egypt's lifeline is threatened after the Ethiopian foreign minister announced on Thursday that the Nile River has become an Ethiopian lake with a humiliating speech, stating: "The Nile is no longer flowing as it was before. It has become a lake that we use for development, and in fact, water will never flow into the river again. The Nile is ours!"

Common knowledge dictates that Egypt is targeted, but the question we must ask is, targeted by whom?

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi signed the Principles Agreement in 2015, which enabled Ethiopia to start building the dam and requested international funding based not only on the absence of clear refusal from the downstream countries, but Egypt's recognition that Ethiopia has the right to build the dam in accordance with the agreement.

Al-Sisi defended the agreement until 2019, expressing: "There is no cause for concern. You will not lose a single drop of water. Have I ever made you lose before?"

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It is well-known what fate awaits any party, official or citizen who dares to challenge the regime, otherwise oppositionists will be accused of agency to foreign entities.

Egypt has lost all kinds of immunity to shield itself from this hegemony, whether by having political forces, civil organisations or independents who can serve the country, or can be used by the negotiator as a pressure card. Egypt no longer has a parliament that discusses or rejects, but has become a tool in the hands of Al-Sisi.

Even the Egyptian army has not escaped Al-Sisi's dominance, as he systematically targeted the armed forces by distancing many professional and national leaders over the past years, and empowering others who consider short-term financial benefits to be more important than Egypt's national security.

Egypt has voluntarily lost the Tiran and Sanafir islands by Al-Sisi's orders, and has voluntarily lost 40 kilometres of its maritime land to Greece and Cyprus. It has given up a huge oil stock, and finally it has voluntarily relinquished the historical and legal right to the waters of the Nile. Amid all these disasters, the army has not declared any position.

Today's question is for the officers and leaders of the Egyptian Armed Forces – do you accept that Egypt's lifeline will be lost and our entire existence threatened? Do you accept that the Nile becomes an Ethiopian lake, as stated by their minister of foreign affairs?

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Where is the oath you swore to defend Egypt and preserve the integrity of its territory, people and borders? Today all this can be jeopardised.

The danger comes today from the south, and any attempt to push a war on our western borders is an attempt to destroy our last line of defence, which is you – the leaders, officers and soldiers of Egypt.

To the leaders and officers of Egypt – you must have an opinion today. Al-Sisi must withdraw from this agreement that no one has delegated him to sign. Otherwise, let the whole matter be presented to the people to have their final word by voting in a popular referendum.

Let us renew our oath to protect Egypt from the enemies and to preserve its security, independence and territorial integrity.

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