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Sultan of Oman pardons prominent oppositionists, embassy in London arranges for their return

Oman's Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, seen at his swearing in ceremony as Oman's new leader, on January 11, 2020 [-/AFP via Getty Images]
Oman's Sultan Haitham on 11 January 2020 [AFP/Getty Images]

Omani sites and forums have reported news of an amnesty issued by Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq Al-Said for a number of political oppositionists residing in London and other Western capitals.

Sources indicated that the Sultanate's embassy in the UK is making arrangements to ensure the oppositionists' return to their countries, and to help them start a new life in Oman.

Bloomberg's correspondent, Omani journalist Turki Al-Balushi, revealed news about the amnesty issued by the sultan in favour of the Omani political activists.

Al-Balushi quoted exclusive sources stating that: "A pardon has been issued by Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq in favour of a number of Omanis who have been granted asylum in Britain."

He added: "They were informed by the Omani embassy in London, as the embassy is currently arranging for their return to the Sultanate."

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Omani activists stated that the pardon issued by the sultan included four oppositionists, namely: Saeed Jaddad, Muawiyah Al-Rawahi, Nabhan Al-Hanashi and Mazhar Al-Ajami.

The London-based dissident, Saeed Jaddad, published a video announcing allegiance on the hearing and obedience to the sultan after receiving a pardon, while indicating that his return procedures have been arranged.

Jaddad, who attacked the Omani leadership and government in recent years, appeared in a video that went viral in Oman, in which he announced the start of a new chapter of his life and pledged allegiance to the sultan, indicating that he benefited from a royal pardon without giving any further details.

The Omani oppositionist published a tweet calling on social media users to stop republishing any of his videos, warning that he would pursue legal action on the matter.

Observers of Omani affairs considered the news of a royal amnesty in favour of oppositionists as a painful blow to regional parties who were investing in the Omani regime's opponents to serve particular interests, referring to the United Arab Emirates, as parties affiliated with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed were allegedly propagandising the oppositionists' publications, such as Hamad Al-Mazrouei, who has been promoting their claims.

A number of Omani Twitter users reacted to the news of the amnesty, posting celebratory tweets to glorify this new chapter in the history of their country.

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