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Morocco patient forced to go to bank by ambulance to pay for surgery

Umnia Bank, the first Islamic bank in Morocco [Twitter]
Umnia Bank, the first Islamic bank in Morocco [Twitter]

A Moroccan patient was forced to go to the bank by ambulance in order to pay her surgery expenses.

According to Al-Quds Al-Arabi, a shocking video has surfaced showing the woman lying on the ambulance stretcher in front of the bank entrance where an employee assisted her in signing the paperwork.

Relatives of the patient said that the hospital insisted that she be taken to the bank in order to pay her dues of the surgery.

Morocco has a two-tiered healthcare system; there is a universal public healthcare as well as a private healthcare system, although the public healthcare system has been described by one blogger as “dismal, at best”. In May it was reported that the EU will assist the country’s health sector amid the COVID-19 pandemic with a $118 million aid package. World Morocco News has previously reported on the country’s continually failing system, where the poor rural-based citizens find it difficult to travel to the city seeking medical care.

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