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Iran threatens firm response to extended arms embargo

August 12, 2020 at 11:50 am

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabei on 4 February 2017 [Mostafameraji/Wikipedi]

Iran has threatened to respond appropriately and firmly if the arms embargo that has been imposed on it since 2015 is extended. According to government spokesman Ali Rabiei, any resolution that violates UN Security Council Resolution 2231 would be unacceptable and lack compliance with international law.

Rabiei reminded journalists that the US has withdrawn from the 2015 nuclear deal and until and unless it gets back on board and fulfils its pledges it has no right to stipulate the UN agreement and resolution supporting it. He added that he expect the US efforts to extend the arms embargo on Iran to fail, and accused Washington of contributing to this failure.

The terms of UN Resolution 2231 regarding the arms embargo on Iran are scheduled to end automatically on 18 October. Its provisions were adopted by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council as well as Germany in 2015.

Tehran will be able to purchase weapons and military equipment from foreign suppliers if Washington fails to extend the embargo because Russia and China, as expected, each exercise their right to veto a new resolution.

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