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Law specialist calls on Egypt to cooperate in probe into death of Morsi’s son

September 7, 2020 at 10:47 am

Abdullah Morsi, the son of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi is seen during the trial over the breaking up the Rabaa Al-Adawiyyah protests, at the police academy in Cairo, Egypt on 10 December 2016 [Moustafa Elshemy / Anadolu Agency]

Co-founder and head of the 37th Guernica Chambers of International Justice in London, Toby Cadman, has called on Egyptian authorities to “fully and unconditionally cooperate in the investigation” into the death of Abdullah Morsi, son of the late President, Mohamed Morsi, and to bring those responsible for his death to justice.

Cadman said in a statement that two months prior to his death, Abdullah had appointed him as a legal adviser in the case of his father, Mohamed Morsi, who also died in prison.

According to the statement, Abdullah was killed outside his home on 4 September 2019, allegedly by Randa Ali Shaker Ali Asran, 36, whose information and testimony present “a number of highly conflicting results”.

The statement added that the Egyptian authorities’ account of Abdullah’s death is “contradictory and outright false as Asran, contrary to what the authorities claimed at the time, was not alone at the time of Abdullah’s death”.

The statement said, the legal team has obtained information confirming that “Abdullah was transported in his car a distance of more than 20 kilometres to a hospital after he took his last breath as a result of having been injected with a lethal substance, and he was not transferred to nearby hospitals, intentionally, until after he had died.”

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“The person is known as “Micho” has communicated this matter to members of the legal team along with a video that appears to show Abdullah being transported to his car and carrying him, already deceased, to the Oasis Hospital in the Al-Ahram Plateau in Giza at exactly nine thirty four on Wednesday 4 September 2019, and the accused Asran exited the car and the other accused wore a red T-shirt with “Micho” written on it,” it added.

The statement called on the Egyptian authorities to assume their responsibility towards Morsi’s family as citizens of the Egyptian State and to immediately and unconditionally release Osama Morsi, son of the former president, who has been held in detention for almost four years.

The statement also called upon the US administration to protect those family members who are American citizens and take the necessary measures as it must towards all its citizens.

Mohamed Morsi was ousted from power in 2013 in a brutal military coup spearheaded by then Defence Minister turned coup leader Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. Al-Sisi later banned Morsi’s political group, the Muslim Brotherhood, and detained all its senior leadership and many of its supporters. Many are lingering in overcrowded jails with no recourse to medical treatment or fair trials.