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Russia repatriates children of Daesh militants 

A Syrian child looks on in the Al-Hol camp in Syria, on 8 August 2019 pDELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP/Getty Images]
A Syrian child looks on in the Al-Hol camp in Syria, on 8 August 2019 [DELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP/Getty Images]

The Russian Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights, Anna Kuznetsova, has revealed that her country has repatriated 145 Russian children of former Daesh militants from Syria and Iraq since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kuznetsova said that since early last year, her agency has made make six trips to take the children back to Russia in coordination with the Syrian and Iraqi authorities. Precautionary measures were taken at all times in light of the coronavirus.

She explained that it is difficult to determine the number of children remaining in Syria and Iraq, but so far there are documents prepared to return another 105.

Last November, the Kurdish Autonomous Administration in north-east Syria handed over 30 Russian children of Daesh militants detained in Al-Hol Camp, south-east of Hasakah.

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