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Syria refugee hospitalised with stroke after Denmark revoke his residency

June 8, 2021 at 10:41 am

Muhammad Samir, a 66-Syrian refugee in Denmark [@AlysiaAlexndra/Twitter]

A 66-Syrian refugee in Denmark has been hospitalised with a stroke and hemiplegia after authorities revoked his residency.

Muhammad Samir was told by police he would be moved to a deportation camp, according to a Twitter post by a US-Danish activist and anthropologist.

Doctors confirmed that the stroke was brought on by extreme stress which raised his blood pressure, wrote Alysia Alexandra.

Earlier this year Denmark became the first European Union nation to strip Syrian refugees of their citizenship on the grounds that Damascus and the surrounding areas are safe to return to and they no longer need international protection.

In April, Danish authorities revoked the residencies of 94 Syrian refugees in one week despite the fact that neither the UN nor other countries deem Damascus safe.

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Human rights organisations have said that the decision to declare parts of Syria as safe is dangerous, inhumane, and illegal.

Bashar Al-Assad’s regime regularly detains, tortures, and forcibly disappears citizens whilst people struggle to survive as food prices soar.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has called on the Danish government to reconsider and reassess the safety of Damascus and the surrounding areas.

Secondary school and university students, truck drivers, and NGO volunteers are among the people being asked to leave.

Because there are no agreements in place refugees who have lost their residency are placed in return camps indefinitely whilst Denmark finalises deportation agreements.

Several families have been separated from one another, are suffering PTSD, extreme stress, and depression as a result of this decision.

Children who were born in Denmark, have never been to Syria, and speak Danish better than they speak Arabic are also being deported.

In April Syrian refugee Akram Bathish, died of a heart attack after Danish authorities informed him his residency would be revoked on the grounds that it was safe to go home.