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Syria: Assad forces bomb civilian market in Idlib

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The Syrian regime fired a rocket into a market in Idlib this morning killing 11 including children.

According to the civil defence group the White Helmets, 11 civilians were killed, including four children and a woman, when "regime forces and Russia" attacked a public market in the centre of the town of Ariha, on the outskirts of Idlib, an area under opposition control.

Medical sources in the town told the Anadolu Agency that 35 civilians were injured in the attack, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHD) reported that the attack left at least 13 dead and another 24 wounded, and "the deaths are expected to increase because the attack happened when children were going to schools and adults to work."

According to the NGO, this was the "biggest massacre" in Idlib province since the ceasefire agreed by Damascus' ally Russia with opposition ally Turkey in March 2020. The area has been the subject of multiple ceasefire agreements, which are frequently violated by the Syrian regime and its allies.

On Tuesday, SOHR activists reported new air strikes by Russian jets, following the suspension of air operations for a week. Russian fighter jets executed three air strikes on the perimeter of the Turkish military post at Al-Barah in Jabal Al-Zawiyah in the southern countryside of Idlib, while Russian missiles hit positions a few metres away from the Turkish post. No casualties were reported.

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