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Egypt sentences 10 Muslim Brotherhood members to death

June 29, 2022 at 10:51 am

Muslim Brotherhood leader Yahya Moussa [@egypttoday/Twitter]

An Egyptian court yesterday sentenced to death Muslim Brotherhood leader Yahya Moussa and nine others on charges of forming armed groups to attack people, police officers and facilities, local media reported.

The referral order claimed that Moussa led a group that was founded in violation of the law, to call for the suspension of the constitution and laws, and to prevent state institutions and public authorities from exercising their duties.

It also claimed that this alleged group aimed to undermine personal and public freedoms and rights, which are guaranteed by the constitution and the law, as well as to harm national unity and social peace.

The defendants were also accused of committing premeditated murder and attempting to murder policemen and civilians, protesting, sabotaging, using of force, violence and threats with public officials to stop them carrying out their work.

According to the Egyptian media, they were also accused of establishing an unlawful group and supplying it with weapons, ammunition and firebombs.

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