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Hamas condemns Israeli approval for new settlement units

September 7, 2022 at 11:33 am

A picture taken on January 17, 2017 from the Palestinian West Bank village of Hares shows illegal outposts in the Israeli Jewish settlement of Revava [JAAFAR ASHTIYEH/AFP via Getty Images]

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement condemned Israeli approval yesterday for new settlement units to be built in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. All Israeli settlements are illegal under international law and constitute a war crime.

“The Israeli occupation’s approval of a colonial settlement plan that will require the theft of Palestinian land in Beit Safafa is another crime to be added to its lengthy criminal record against Jerusalem and its people,” said Hamas spokesman Mohammad Hamada. “Such illegal plans are intended to Judaise Jerusalem and displace its residents.”

The movement’s spokesman stressed that the Israeli occupation takes advantage of “international silence and US support” to pass its settlement plans, in total “disregard” for the fact that it is violating international law.

“The so-called ‘District Planning Committee’ in Jerusalem has approved plans to build 473 new settlement units in the illegal Givat Shaked colonial settlement, south of occupied Jerusalem, known as the ‘TPS 969162 plan’,” he explained. At least 38 dunams (ten acres) of Palestinian-owned land will be stolen for this settlement expansion.

“The steadfast and resilient Palestinian people will resist the Israeli occupation’s colonial settlement expansion plan and confront the Israeli occupation forces and settlers’ attacks against lands and sanctities with all means possible,” added Hamada. Resistance against a military occupation is entirely legitimate and consistent with international law.

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