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Israel jets fire several airstrikes against Gaza Strip

November 4, 2022 at 3:37 pm

Flames and smoke rise from the area after Israeli airstrikes as a response to rockets fired from Gaza Strip, in Gaza City, Gaza on November 04, 2022. [Ashraf Amra – Anadolu Agency]

Israeli aircraft have fired several airstrikes against the Gaza Strip this morning, resulting in a power outage in some areas.

According to an Israeli army spokesman, the bombs came in response to the launching of rockets against Israel from Hamas.

However, there has been no immediate claim of responsibility.

The Israeli military claimed that four rockets were fired from Gaza, three of which did not reach Israeli territory, while one rocket was intercepted by air defence systems.

In response, Hazem Qasem, a spokesman for Hamas, said, “The barbaric Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip at dawn today is a blatant act of aggression, and represents an extension of its open war against our people in all the places we exist.”

“Israeli bombing will only make Palestinians more determined to resist the occupation and step up their support for Jerusalem and its people,” he added.

The attacks against Gaza come as residents of the enclave try to restore a semblance of normality to their lives following Israel’s latest bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip that killed 49 Palestinians, including 17 children and four women.

Some 2.3 million Palestinians live in the narrow enclave. They are largely unable to leave to seek employment abroad, and have been squeezed by 15 years of a siege imposed by Israel.

The Occupation State has launched four major military offensives against the civilian population since 2008. Gaza also borders Egypt, which imposes its own restrictions on passage through the Rafah border crossing.

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