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The crime of not responding to the Israel raids in Syria

November 24, 2022 at 8:33 pm

Israeli warplanes hit several targets in Syria [Ashraf Amra/Anadolu Agency]

The repeated Israeli raids on the sites of the Syrian regime and its allies across Syria seem like a secondary chapter complementing the continuous crimes that have been ongoing for 11 years on the ground in Syria. It has had a devastating impact on the bleeding sovereignty, which issues statements through the Assad army and its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which provide, from time to time, pretexts and justifications that have a philosophy more harmful than insulting the intelligence of the Arab and Syrian citizen.

Changing the equation from preserving the right to “respond at the appropriate time and place” to the fear of hitting civilian aircraft in the air during attacks, while preserving the right to crush the Syrian society with planes, artillery and missiles that claimed the lives of millions of Syrians, ultimately serving the contexts of aggression and Occupation that realises that the environment in which it operates within the Syrian airspace and land does not cause worry for several reasons, the most important of which is that the Syrian regime’s military structure has not posed a threat or concern to the Occupation for five decades. Secondly, the military compass exposed the regime’s power over the Syrian society, which has invested in the seat of power, and these reassure the Occupier.

Counting Israeli raids on the Syrian sovereignty and the targeted sites does not indicate the intention or goal of weakening the function of the regime, which is limited to imposing its power on the Syrian society. However, the Israeli goal of keeping the regime weak and fragile is sufficient in itself for it to continue implementing this goal, which the regime also uses as a pretext to justify its oppression of the Syrian interior, as well as the military and security institution, which uses this as an excuse every time it does not respond to an attack, or uses it to justify its repressive and retaliatory measures at home as a response to the Occupation. This revealed the enormity of the disgrace of the resistance axis, the hands of which are soaked with the blood of the Syrians and the Palestinians.

Accordingly, a few days ago, after its recent air raid on Al-Shayrat Airport in Homs, the Occupation media institution revealed that the Occupation ground forces, supported by 25 tanks and military vehicles, infiltrated the Syrian side of the Occupation’s fence in the Golan Heights for 72 hours without being confronted by anyone. It arranged a means for better vision and monitoring, according to Israel’s Kan11, meaning that checking and reporting news of the attacks, monitoring them and scrutinising their effects will not come from the regime’s media and security institutions, except in the case of the “confrontation of hostile missiles” which has become a weekly and daily occurrence that passes without a response.

In any case, no one is waiting for the emergence of new claws for the regime for it to use against the Israeli attacks, after these claws were dug into the bodies of the Syrian victims. However, it is painful for the opposition media and its allies to borrow these claws to promote excuses for not responding to the Occupation’s crimes and ongoing attacks against the Syrian sovereignty day and night which, thanks to the behaviour of the regime itself, has become a punching bag for all the occupying powers on the ground and those that have crowded the Syrian airspace.

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Most importantly, the entirety of the Syrian regime’s slogans about resisting the Occupation and confronting it or supporting the Palestinian cause were the cause of perpetuating its political, military and economic defeats in the last decade, which were always subject to perpetuating the regime’s domination, brutality and oppression over the Syrian society. Promoting these slogans during the stages of the Occupation’s aggression had no political, ethical or moral value that could pay the price for the betrayal and disappointed suffered by the Palestinian from the Syrian regime after the Syrian society was shocked by the brutality of the regime and realising how miserable and heart-breaking it is. The existing regime has nothing of value that it could use to mitigate the impact of the aggression against the Syrian people, nor is it connected with just causes such as the cause of liberating the land from the Occupier or resisting it.

Finally, the Israeli attacks and its raids on Syria remain a crime, and the failure to respond to these attacks is an even bigger crime, that cannot be erased by any trivial and misleading pretexts and justifications. There will be no miracle that will descend on the ground and on the reality of the Assad regime that would create new facts and remove the confusion and uncertainty regarding the regime’s inaction in the face of the enemy, while it sinks its teeth deeper into the bodies of the Syrian victims. The miracle lies in the ability of the Syrian people to expose the regime and expose the justifications for its submission to regular raids, despite the Occupier trying to steal the truth from it and replacing the truth with phrases like “targeting terrorists” only, and “we do not target the regime”. The same applies to the targets of the regime’s official raids, which target “terrorists” and not civilians, and this is another fragment of the truth which sheds light on the justifications for the surrender, allowing the crime to continue and multiply.

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