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Kuwait: death sentence for man who killed woman who refused his advances

December 20, 2022 at 9:34 am

A Kuwaiti woman Farah Akbar, who was killed after refusing marriage proposal in April 2021

A Kuwaiti court last week handed a death sentence to a man convicted of kidnapping and killing a lady who refused his marriage proposal.

The case of the murder of Farah Akbar was reopened last month after the Public Prosecutor’s Office appealed against a life sentence handed to the defendant. It said there were clear signs that the murder was premeditated and so the death sentence was sought.

Public Prosecution in Kuwait said that the accused had deliberately planted a tracking device in the victim’s vehicle that enabled him to watch her movements.

Farah was killed in April 2021 after being taken from her car in front of her son, stabbed in the chest and left outside a hospital.

The attack came months after she had informed authorities that the man had threatened her life after her family refused his marriage proposal.

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