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Brazil condemns Israel strikes on Gaza and confirms its supports for Palestine

May 10, 2023 at 2:43 pm

Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Itamaraty [Twitter]

Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Itamaraty(condemned the Israeli occupation’s attacks against innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip that Israel started its military offensive on 9 May, by killing three commanders of the militant group, Islamic Jihad, at their home in Gaza City.

The bombing was carried out in the early hours of Tuesday morning, after which at least 22 Palestinians had been killed, including 4 children, and tens more had been wounded. Dozens of residential buildings were destroyed in the Israeli bombardment, which has been condemned by Brazil.

In a statement, the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “The Brazilian Government learnt, with astonishment, of the bombing carried out by the Israeli Air Force on residential areas at the Gaza Strip in the State of Palestine. These bombings led to killing of Palestinian citizens, including civilians, including children.”

“The Brazilian Government expresses its condolences to the families of the victims and expresses its solidarity with the people and government of the State of Palestine,”it added.

The Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza as an “unfortunate attack”, and it “deplored that in 2023, the year of the 30th anniversary of the Oslo Peace Accords, more than 100 Palestinians have died in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There is no justification for resorting to violence, especially against civilians”.

The Brazilian government also appeals “all parties to refrain from actions that lead to an escalation of tension”.

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Brazil with its new President, Lula Da Silva, confirms again “its commitment to international and humanitarian laws where people can live together in peace and security within mutually agreed and internationally recognised borders.”

“It also reaffirms that the mere management of the conflict does not constitute a viable alternative for dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian issue, and the resumption of peace negotiations is urgent.”

It is worth mentioning that issuing the statement of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reflects the change in the tone promised by the new Brazilian President, Lula da Silva, who took office in last January, toward his country’s foreign policy. Brazil has announced a fundamental shift in its diplomacy toward the Palestinian cause, where it has topped again at the forefront of Brazil’s political scene, after years of absence due to Bolsonaro’s pro-Israel policy.