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Gaza's first fish farms begin first harvest

MEMO videographer Mohammed Asad captures exclusive footage of Gaza's first fish farms

June 6, 2023 at 2:27 pm

The first bream fish farm was established in the Gaza Strip last year five miles from the beach. Implemented by the FAO and funded by the State of Italy, it was the first farm of its kind in the enclave.

Three farms have now been set up, each with approximately 100,000 fish, and according to the Ministry of Agriculture, the harvest will be approximately 60-80 tonnes.

It is hoped this will help provide fish for the local market as fish stocks have delepted as a result of Israel’s oppressive siege and restrictions on fishing off Gaza’s coast. Supplies will also be sent to the occupied West Bank.

Fish stocks in the farms are fed regularly by Palestinian fishermen, but if occupation forces do not allow access to the stocks at least every four days, the fish begin to die.

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