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Elevation of Turkiye-Egypt diplomatic ties wins Arab plaudits

July 5, 2023 at 5:04 pm

A flag of Egypt and Turkiye seen at the Beyazit square in Istanbul on February 4, 2011 [BULENT KILIC/AFP via Getty Images]

Several Arab countries have welcomed the elevation of diplomatic relations between Turkiye and Egypt for the first time in a decade, Anadolu Agency reports.

On Tuesday, Ankara and Cairo upgraded their diplomatic relations to the ambassadorial level. Turkiye nominated Salih Mutlu Sen as its new ambassador to Cairo, while Egypt named Amr El Hamamy as ambassador to Ankara, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry welcomed the move, saying it “will be positively reflected on enhancing security and peace at the regional and international levels and serving common interests, in a way that achieves the aspirations of the countries and people of the region.”

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) also hailed the elevation of the Turkish-Egyptian diplomatic relations.

In a statement, the UAE Foreign Ministry expressed hope that “this important step would strengthen bridges of communication and dialogue and contribute to reinforcing stability and cooperation in the region.”

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The Turkish-Egyptian agreement will “enhance development and peace at the regional and international levels for the benefit of the two countries and peoples, serve common interests, and achieve further prosperity and growth,” it added.

The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry said upgrading the Turkish-Egyptian diplomatic ties “will contribute to strengthening the principle of dialogue and cooperation between the two countries, developing friendly relations and achieving the common interests of the countries of the region.”

Bahrain, for its part, termed the development as a “positive step that will contribute to strengthening bilateral cooperation.”

Oman said raising diplomatic relations between Turkiye and Egypt “will enhance cooperation and understanding to serve the interests and prosperity of peoples.”

Arab League Secretary-General, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, also welcomed the elevation of diplomatic ties between Turkiye and Egypt as a “positive development”.

Jamal Rushdi, a spokesman for the Arab League chief, said the move will contribute “to calming the atmosphere in the region and strengthening diplomatic communication as a way to solve problems.”

The Arab Parliament also hailed the step, saying it “will contribute to creating a favourable atmosphere for stability and resolving crises and challenges facing the countries of the region.”

Diplomatic relations between Turkiye and Egypt had been at the level of charges d’Affaires since 2013.

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