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PA: Israel’s seizure of Palestinian homes ‘organised state terrorism’

September 20, 2023 at 11:16 am

Israeli forces who raid East Jerusalem’s refugee camp of Shuafat, demolished the home of Palestinians on 25 January, 2023 [Saeed Qaq/Anadolu Agency]

The Palestinian Authority (PA) yesterday condemned Israel’s occupation of a rooftop of a Palestinian family home in Jenin and turning it into a military base, a statement said.

“Usurping Palestinian homes and turning them into military bases is organised state terrorism,” the statement said.

This came one day after the Israeli occupation forces seized a Palestinian house in the town of Jalboun, east of Jenin, and turned its rooftop into a military base.

“What is happening in Jenin is organised terrorism and a dangerous escalation against the Palestinians,” the statement said.

The PA reiterated that the “continuous violations against Palestinians amounts to flagrant violation of the rulers of international law, Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian laws.”

The PA called for international and American pressure to be placed on the occupation in order to stop its violations against the Palestinian people.

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