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Israel threatens to bomb Egypt aid trucks heading to Gaza

October 10, 2023 at 2:22 pm

Egyptian fuel and aid trucks were seen turning back away from the Gaza Strip after Israel warned Cairo it would bomb them if they delivered aid to the besieged enclave [@Sinaifhr/X]

Egyptian trucks carrying vital aid and fuel to the besieged and bombarded Gaza Strip have been forced to retreat after Israel warned Cairo that the trucks would be bombed if they entered the enclave, Sinai for Human Rights said on X.

The rights group said it obtained “exclusive footages confirming the blocking of Egyptian fuel trucks and humanitarian aids from access to the Rafah land crossing borders after Israel issued a warning to the Egyptian authorities that if it brought relief supplies into the Gaza Strip, the trucks would be bombed.”

Israel’s Channel 12 also reported that the occupation state had “sent a message to Egypt today” regarding the delivery of aid.

This comes a day after Israel’s Defence Minister Yaov Gallant ordered the complete closure of the Gaza Strip, including a ban on the entry of food, water, fuel or access to electricity as Israel intensifies its bombardment of the besieged Strip. Gallant went on to say Israel was “fighting human animals”.

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