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Russia’s Putin slams calls for Palestinians to leave besieged Gaza Strip

October 13, 2023 at 8:56 am

Russian President Vladimir Putin on April 27, 2023 [Kremlin Press Office/Anadolu Agency]

Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticised calls to the Palestinians to leave the besieged Gaza Strip and head to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula as “something that could lead to peace”, adding that Gaza is part of the historical land of Palestine.

“It is difficult to give assessments. This is the land on which the Palestinians live, and this is their land historically. It was also supposed to be where an independent Palestinian state would be established that would include Gaza. In my opinion, this is not something that can lead to peace,” he said.

Earlier, high-level Egyptian security sources said the Palestinian cause is witnessing the most dangerous turning point in its history.

The sources said in statements to the news channels: “There is a clear plan that serves the Israeli occupation’s goals based on liquidating the occupied Palestinian territories from the owners and residents of the land, and forcing them to leave it by giving them the choice between death under Israeli bombing or displacement outside their lands.”

On Tuesday, the Israeli Ambassador to Egypt, Amira Oron, said Tel Aviv has no intentions regarding Sinai, and the Israeli occupation authorities have not asked the Palestinians to move there.

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