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Islamic Resistance in Iraq: We bombed a crucial target in Haifa

January 8, 2024 at 8:45 am

Cargo ships are seen at Israel’s Haifa commercial shipping port in the Mediterranean Sea on December 13, 2023 [Mati Milstein/NurPhoto via Getty Images]

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq yesterday announced that it had struck a crucial target in the occupied city of Haifa over the past few days with a long-range Al-Arqab upgraded cruise missile.

It also confirmed that the American Qasrok base in the Syrian countryside of Hasakah was targeted by drones and a military site was also hit in the occupied Golan Heights.

Earlier yesterday, it announced the targeting of the American Ain Al-Asad Base in the west of the country with drones, stressing that it “continues to destroy enemy strongholds.”

In a statement circulated on its Telegram channel, the Iraqi faction warned Washington that it would be “intensifying its targeting of American bases in Syria and Iraq in light of the war launched by the Israeli occupation army on the Gaza Strip and the American support that the occupation receives.”

For the 93rd day in a row, the Israeli occupation continues its aggression against the Gaza Strip, with American and European support, as its planes bomb hospitals, buildings, residential blocks and homes of Palestinian civilians, destroying them over the heads of their residents. It also prevents the entry of water, food, medicine, and fuel, killing 22,835 Palestinians and injuring 58,416 others.

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