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Israel's borders will extend to Makkah, Madinah and Mount Sinai, claims Zionist writer

January 11, 2024 at 11:57 am

Israeli writer and politician Avi Lipkin said that Israel’s borders will extend ‘from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia’ [Social media/X]

A video clip is circulating on social media showing Israeli writer Avi Lipkin predicting that Israel’s borders will extend “from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia,” which he described as the “Great Desert,” and “from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates.” The clip setting out the territory envisaged by Zionists for “Greater Israel” has sparked widespread anger.

“And who’s on the other side of the Euphrates?” asked Lipkin. “The Kurds, and the Kurds are friends. So, we have the Mediterranean behind us and the Kurds in front of us… Lebanon, which really needs the umbrella of protection of Israel, and then we’re going to take, I believe we’re going to take Makkah, Madinah and Mount Sinai, and purify [sic] those places.”

This, said one commentator on X, has been the aim of political Zionism since the beginning. Moreover, “After Gaza and Hezbollah,” said another, “it will not be difficult for Israel. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan will not pose a difficulty because Israel can overthrow the regimes in these countries easily, and controlling their lands will be easy after spreading the culture of normalisation and acceptance of Israel. No one will resist Israel like Gaza and Hezbollah resist it.”

The term “Greater Israel” refers to the expansion of Israel’s territory and sovereignty to encompass what many Israelis describe as their historic Biblical land. For them, this includes the occupied Palestinian territories and the occupied Golan Heights, as well as the territory described by Lipkin.

The Zionist plan for the Middle East, said Israeli journalist Oded Yinon, is based on the vision of the atheist founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, which is that Israel will annex large parts of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and will establish a number of proxy states to ensure its dominance in the region.

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