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Azhar welcomes Norway, Ireland, Spain’s recognition of Palestine

May 24, 2024 at 8:49 am

Muslims raise Palestinian flag and shout out slogans as they protest Israel’s war on Gaza at Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, Egypt on October 13, 2023. [Mohamed Elshahed – Anadolu Agency]

Egypt’s Al-Azhar has welcomed Ireland, Norway and Spain’s announcement that they will recognise the State of Palestine as of 28 May.

Al-Azhar said in a statement yesterday that this is a courageous step that recognises the right of the Palestinians, the owners of the land, to live in peace and stability, without persecution or colonisation by a usurping occupier.

Supporting  “this good and appreciated step,” the statement stressed that Al-Azhar encourages other free countries and peoples to take similar steps to support Palestinian rights, and recognise the legitimate right of the Palestinian people to independence and freedom, and to live safely on their land like other peoples.

It went on to call on the citizens of countries that support the occupation to continue to pressure their governments to stop the deadly oppression of millions of innocent people.

The occupation’s continued aggression on Gaza has killed more than 35,800 Palestinians and injured more than 80,000 others, while displacing some 1.7 million, many several times, United Nations data reveals.

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