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Justice, Jenin and Janner

Yvonne RidleyThere is outrage in Britain over the decision not to prosecute a senior British peer over child sex offences. Lord Greville Janner should have been charged with historic child sex offences on three occasions over the past 25 years but he has now apparently escaped prosecution because, at 86 years old, he has dementia. It is not known for certain why previous allegations were not taken to court by the public prosecutor.


Ed Miliband will back Israel

Alastair Sloan

The Jewish Chronicle has commissioned a fascinating political poll of British Jews' voting intentions at the upcoming election. The results must be frightening for Labour strategists – showing mass approval for Prime Minister David Cameron, and the opposition leader Ed Miliband as a figure few British Jews trust. All this with just three weeks to go to what could be the tightest result in decades.


Why does Maajid Nawaz get taxpayers' money to discredit Islam and Muslims?

Maajid NawazSocial media has been awash with comments about the antics of the Quilliam Foundation's Maajid Nawaz since a Daily Mail article splashed details of his "stag night" held last year. While it is tempting to join in and condemn him for being, it is alleged, "very drunk", as well being in a seedy strip club cavorting with a lap-dancer, it is more fitting to refrain from doing so. He denies acting "inappropriately" in any case. The owner of the club involved also carries a Muslim name, so one must presume that the visit of Nawaz was not unusual in itself and that the clientele includes Muslims as a matter of course. They, however, do not claim to be experts on Islam and Shari'ah law, unlike Nawaz. Hence the flood of criticism on Facebook and Twitter.


France's draft resolution shouldn't end Palestinian efforts to internationalise the cause

File photo of a UN Security Council meeting in New YorkThe United States is refraining from commenting on the French draft resolution on the Palestinian issue which is being circulated in the halls of the UN Security Council. The US justification for this is to give Benjamin Netanyahu a chance to form his fourth government in Israel and announce its programme in this regard; any bridges will then be crossed when they come to them.


Erdogan’s visit to Tehran triggers American questions on the arms deal

Qassem Qaseer

The Arabs and Muslims of the world will not have to wait until 30 June to witness the repercussions of the historic nuclear arms deal between Iran and the P5+1, for these consequences have begun and there are more to come and we must be prepared for the outcome. We must be prepared to adapt to the outcomes of this agreement because it has become quite clear that there are many surprises in store for us.


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