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A planned EU military deployment in Libya is 'delusional'

Alastair Sloan

I have just published a short expose for Newsweek, in which a British government adviser called the European Union plan to deploy force against people traffickers along the Libyan coast "moronic and delusional." A separate leaked document shows that senior military planners and EU chiefs have also been warned that the planned expedition carries "a significant risk of collateral damage" and would have "limited impact" on trafficking operations. The document foresees an increased risk of kidnappings of European citizens in Libya if the plan goes ahead.


Do we have a demagogue as minister of justice?

Michael GoveNow that the Lib Dems are back in opposition, it is worth reflecting on how the Conservatives are likely to act without their restraining hand. That hand will be sorely missed - and even sooner than we think.


Turkey and its red lines in Cyprus

President Mustafa Akinci

The independence of the Turkish Cypriots is non-negotiable as far as Turkey is concerned; North Cyprus is no different to any other Anatolian district. So much so, in fact, that Turks defended it, spoke up for it, campaigned for it, got martyred for it and never ever thought about doing anything less than that. It is probably one thing upon which all Turkish governments and all Turkish nationals all agree.


When Pope Francis recognises the state of Palestine

Dr Clovis Maqsoud

This year, the (67th) anniversary of the Nakba was accompanied by Pope Francis's announcement that the Vatican officially recognises Palestine and his call to start direct negotiations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Palestinian territories. The Vatican's thought process serves as evidence to suggest that it is willing to deal with Palestine as a state and not simply the Palestine Liberation Organisation as a political organisation, especially when it comes to issues such as Israel's land confiscations in occupied East Jerusalem. The church would also like to address the dire situation in Gaza and Israel's categorisation of the territory as a "hostile entity", which is often used to justify its periodic offensives against the Palestinians in the enclave.


Do we really value stones and artefacts more than human flesh and blood?

Yvonne RidleyThere's nothing like a bit of cultural vandalism to get people hot under the collar and a prime example came in the wake of David Cameron's surprise victory in Britain's general election. Those who feared that a Conservative government would create an even wider gap between rich and poor, more food banks, child poverty and further austerity rallied near Parliament Square to vent their outrage at the turn of events and things to come.


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