Tuesday, July 28 2015

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The synergy of European laissez-faire attitude to migration responsibilities

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In times when Europeans are experiencing a political shift to the right, immigrants are haunted by legacies of neo-imperial, economic exploitation as well as the long-term effects of the only-recently defunct colonial machinery. After thousands of refugees fleeing war in their own countries died trying to reach Europe's borders, the EU responded by tightening regulations, blurring the boundaries between assistance, re-settling and pressing them back. The outcome is a testament to an ideological shift that endangers all Europeans, as politicians attempt to make mainstream the political right-wing spin that matches capitalist elitism. It resembles an anti-solidarity campaign that is strengthened by a political ontology of culture as static and "organic" – neither adaptable nor socially attainable - and Europeans as guardians of an imagined independent community.


Cameron's anti-extremism speech failed miserably

Nasim AhmedDavid Cameron's much-trailed speech in Birmingham this week about "the struggle of our generation" failed miserably to live up to its billing. Instead of tackling genuine concerns about terrorism, the prime minister displayed a worrying level of misleading rhetoric and what might best be described as wilful ignorance.


Is Gerry Adams simply being politically correct in wishing for a two-state solution?

Dr Azzam TamimiLiberation movements past and present are sources of inspiration for people whose struggle is still ongoing. Although the Palestine-Israel conflict is far from resolved, for many decades quite a few other movements have found inspiration in the Palestinian struggle. These same movements, such as the anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa and the Republican quest for independence, self-determination and sovereignty in Northern Ireland never cease to inspire Palestinian freedom fighters.


Italian cyber security firm helping 'repressive governments' spy on their citizens

Hacking Team website Italian cyber security firm Hacking Team, which sells intrusion and surveillance tools to governments and law enforcement agencies, effectively helping them to "spy" on certain targets, has itself become the victim of a hacking attack.

Anonymous hackers attacked the company over the weekend, releasing what is alleged to be more than 400 gigabytes of the company's internal documents, email correspondence, employee passwords and the underlying source code of its products. The leaked files seem to show that Hacking Team has been working with numerous repressive governments – something it has previously explicitly denied doing.


If we are really serious about destroying ISIS, why is our policy so misguided?

British MuslimsI have been watching a bit more television than usual, certainly more than I expected to in this blessed month of Ramadan. I was gripped, in part due to the never-ending conversations about Islam; partly because I despair at the rhetorical belligerence of neo-cons like Douglas Murray; and also, I confess, to watch the performance of a friend on BBC Question Time. A variety of channels have had a veritable media-fest on Islam.


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