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Why does the BBC hide the truth about Jerusalem?

Amena SaleemThe BBC's reporting around the status of Jerusalem is "of such a low standard it fails to qualify as journalism," say campaigners.

This argument is the basis of the challenge made last week by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and Friends of Al Aqsa (FoA) against the BBC's insistence on referring to the whole of Jerusalem as an Israeli city, in contradiction to international law.


Turkey: Big electoral victory opens the door to rebuild the state

Dr Bashir NafiIn a speech he made on the evening of March 30, a speech known as the Honour Speech in Turkey, Erdogan said: "The nation is invincible." Any reader of political science or political history knows that there is nothing new or original in Erodgan's words for there is not a leader in history who has not claimed that his nation is invincible throughout his political career. However, these worlds were said in a special context this time, one that gives the Turkish prime minister and leader of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) his full moral credibility.


Will justice come from London?

Fahmi HuweidiWhat we wished would happen in Egypt has come true in London. I was among those whose voice grew coarse from calling for conducting an impartial investigation of the terrorist acts committed in the country in order to identify the perpetrators and to hold them legally and politically accountable. Something of the sort was achieved when we received the news from London earlier this week reporting British Prime Minister David Cameron's decision to conduct an investigation into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain, after it had been classed a "terrorist" group in Egypt , Saudi Arabia and the UAE.


The persecution of the Muslim Brotherhood reaches London

Abdel Bari AtwanIt is neither strange nor surprising that the Egyptian authorities were the first and quickest to welcome British Prime Minister David Cameron's decision to conduct an urgent investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and a comprehensive review of their practices, including investigating the accusations made against them of being behind the attack on a tourist bus in Egypt resulting in the death of three tourists last February.


The Muslim Brotherhood: Why is Cameron taking orders from bloodstained generals and playboy princes?

Peter OborneDavid Cameron has been a competent and in many ways an underestimated prime minister, especially when dealing with domestic policy. However, he brought negligible experience of foreign affairs with him into Downing Street. As a result he has largely been out of his depth (and very easily swayed) in foreign policy.