Saturday, August 29 2015

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Corbyn will confront a bankrupt foreign policy. That's why he must be backed

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leadership candidateWith barely two weeks to go until the election of a new Labour leader, a British establishment project has been launched to stop Jeremy Corbyn at any cost.


Why the Jeremy Corbyn regime needs to change

Labout leadership candidate, Jeremy Corbyn

It’s official: Jeremy Corbyn is now a regime, according to the Daily Telegraph, which is a remarkable achievement for a single man who hasn’t even been elected. Back in the good old days a regime had to come to power by bloody revolution. Now it seems all you need are a few good hustings and a half-decent Twitter account.


Latin American diplomats: We can be doing more to pressure Israel

Speaking at a one-day conference in London, Latin American diplomats call for tougher policies, including sanctions and boycotts, against Israel for its ‘polices of apartheid.’


Why is Cathy Newman still making false allegations when a British court has cleared Sheikh Raed?

Nasim AhmedSince becoming the front runner in the Labour leadership contest, Jeremy Corbyn has had to fend off an intensive campaign to discredit him as a potential leader. Yesterday it was the turn of Channel 4 news presenter, Cathy Newman, who ambushed him with questions about his alleged links to Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites including his support for Sheikh Raed Salah.


Britain's duty to the Palestinian people

Sheikh Raed SalahIn June 2011 I came to Britain to begin a speaking tour to draw attention to the plight of my people, the Palestinian citizens of Israel. The tour was meant to last 10 days. Instead I had to stay for 10 months in order to resist an attempt by the home secretary, Theresa May, to deport me – itself the result of a smear campaign against me and what I represent. I fought not just for my own sake, but for all who are smeared because they support the Palestinian cause.


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