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Netanyahu's lebensraum

January 25, 2014 at 10:02 am

During his tour of the Jordan valley a few days ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu told soldiers that the Israeli occupation army would have to maintain its presence along the Valley in any future peace arrangement with the Palestinians, as a safeguard against rocket attacks.

The Jordan River is Israel’s security border, Netanyahu told soldiers during a tour of the area.

“Israel’s line of defense begins here,” he said. “If rockets and missiles break out here, they will reach Tel Aviv, Haifa and all over the state.”

It is obvious that Netanyahu’s reasoning for the need to retain the Jordan valley in any future deal with the Palestinians is false. In the age of rockets and long-range missiles, natural barriers have lost most or all of their strategic value.

Hence, the true motive behind Netanyahu’s remarks is the known Zionist desire to usurp as much Palestinian land as possible, with or without an agreement with the Palestinian Authority, an agreement that looks increasingly unlikely given Zionist intransigence and unrelenting settlement expansion.

The Israeli regime, as is amply clear, never runs out of pretexts and excuses to maintain its occupation of the occupied Palestinian territories.

Sometimes, it quotes distorted ancient scripture as if God Almighty were a real estate dealer working for Zionist leaders.

Sometimes, they allude to imagined historical rights as if these pathological liars from Eastern Europe, who lie as much as they breath oxygen, had any truly historical rights in the land of Palestine.

Sometimes, they speak of Jewish continuity as if these Khazari racists had any biological connection with Jacob and the ancient children of Israel, most of whose descendants had long converted to Islam and Christianity. Fortunately, there are Israeli historians, like Shlomo Sand, who deny any concept of the so-called Jewish peoplehood.

The truth of the matter is that Netanyahu and his colleagues are land thieves who are willing to concoct any argument that would allow them to keep and legitimize the theft, that is the land of Palestine, which they have been able to seize from the Muslim Umma in a moment of weakness of Muslim history.

Of course, we Muslims are not going to appeal to Netanyahu’s sense of justice to withdraw his forces from the Jordan Valley or any other part of occupied Palestine.  Netanyahu and other Zionist leaders never had and never will have any sense of justice. They represent the antithesis of everything and anything having to do with justice.

More to the point, the Jordan Valley is not more precious than Jerusalem, one of the most sacred cities in Islam, which is being violated and raped by Zionist Jews for many years.

But Netanyahu must understand that he can’t retain stolen land and have peace at the same time.

He should probably forget about Palestinian Authority (PA) negotiators continuing to beg for “concessions” from Israel. He should also forget about a perpetually dormant Arab and Muslim world that looks on with powerless indifference while Israel is raping Palestine and tormenting its people.

These days are now gone, or about to go. We Muslims have a long score to settle with Netanyahu and his thuggish state, a score that must be settled in full.

Sallahuddin al Ayyoubi waited many years before he finally wrested Palestine and especially Jerusalem from the hands of the Crusades. History must repeat itself and if millions need to be sacrificed in order to redeem and deliver the Aqsa Mosque form the sinful hands of Zionism, then be it. Oppression must be resisted and repulsed, or otherwise chaos and anarchy would spread all over the world.

Hence, Netanyahu may bask for the time being, as he does, in his insolence and arrogance of power. But as we say in Arabic, none remains as he is except He, the Almighty. The strong doesn’t remain strong for ever and the weak doesn’t remain weak for ever.

There will come a day when not only the Jordan Valley but the rest of Palestine shall be liberated from the sinful and arrogant hands of Zionism, a criminal doctrine that views the salvation of Jews as achievable only through the decimation and destruction of another people, the Palestinian people.

Zionism is much more than criminal and nefarious. It is also genocidal, racist, rapacious, covetous, and of course utterly mendacious. Zionism is expansionistic, very much like a malignant cancer. This is why, no people on earth can remain safe if living with or next to Zionism. In other words, if you don’t eradicate Zionism, Zionism will eradicate you.

Some people, particularly in the West who have been exposed to Zionist propaganda for a long time, might think I am being too hard on Israel or worse exuding anti-Semitic feelings.

However, an honest and objective look at the behavior of the Zionist state should leave no doubt as to the evil nature of that entity.

At first, they said if only the Arabs sit down with us on the negotiation table, but when the Arabs sat down on the negotiating table, the Zionist demanded a unilateral and unconditional recognition. Eventually, the Zionists continued to blackmail and extort concessions from naïve Arab negotiators, until the Arabs had nothing left to give for “peace” that spelled surrender and indignity.

Now, the Zionists would like to have all sorts of borders, religious borders, security borders, strategic borders and probably psychological borders as well.

In the final analysis, the Zionist brat would like to see the entirety of Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, northern Saudi Arabia, northern Egypt and the islands of Crete and Cyprus as parts of the Land of Israel. They want to have a state from the Nile to the Euphrates with security and defence zones.

In other words, they want to replace the Arab-Muslim peoples of the Middle East in order to create a Hebrew empire. That must not be allowed to happen, at all costs.

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