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Azzam urges Egyptians in Europe to help criminalize coup leaders

January 30, 2014 at 10:00 am

Hatem Azzam, a member of an anti-coup public diplomacy delegation touring Europe, recently addressed a conference in Vienna to discuss the negative consequences of the 3 July coup in Egypt. Azzam conveyed that the anti-coup delegation is independent and does not represent any political party, and that its “primary task is to refute the lies about the Egyptian people and their glorious revolution, especially after a delegation of twenty Egyptians toured Europe to promote the military coup.”

Azzam explained that: “we do not offer any political solution, nor do we seek a European solution to Egypt’s situation, because the solution must stem from within Egypt. Our mission is to encourage European officials to abide by their ethical responsibilities; to denounce the coup and to support Egypt’s democracy. We are both self funded and receive some assistance from civil society organisations in Europe. We do not receive any assistance from Qatar or Turkey.”

Azzam urged Egyptians in Europe to lobby their governments to criminalize the coup, telling them that “we have asked Europeans officials to send UN observers to investigate the military crimes and the regime’s massacres against the peaceful protestors in Egypt.”

Azzam warned the coup leaders that if they believe denying the legitimacy supporters entry into Egypt will make them forget Rabaa Al-Adawiya, “we promise them that we will make the world aware of the massacre. Egypt is experiencing a counterrevolution, where the real face of the Mubarak regime has revealed itself. Several American newspapers have already published reports that describe the corruption of the Mubarak regime returning after the coup, including figures like General Mohammad Fareed Al-Tohamy, who guarded Mubarak’s regime during his work as the Director of Military Intelligence until President Mohamed Morsi isolated him. When the military rule assumed power, they reinstated him as head of the Egyptian General Intelligence.”