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Dutch anti-Islam politician to take part in conference to 'change Jordan's name to Palestine'

January 31, 2014 at 12:49 am

Israeli media sources have reported that steps are being taken toward holding a right-wing Israeli conference to address the issue of changing Jordan into a nation-state for the Palestinian people, with no consideration to Jordan’s sovereignty.
In its Monday (8.11.2010) issue, Haaretz reported that a large number of right-wing Israeli figures will discuss a plan to demand that the Israeli government dismiss the principle of the “two-state solution” because it “will pose an existential threat to Israel” should it ever be implemented. Alternatively, the conference will propose to change Jordan into a nation state for the Palestinian people.

The daily newspaper stated that Israeli Knesset member, Aryeh Eldad, has succeeded in convincing Dutch Member of Parliament, Geert Wilders, to join forces with Israel’s right-wing and participate in the conference scheduled for next month.
Haaretz quoted Eldad as saying, “Wilders supports the program and will present [to the conference] his view that establishing a Palestinian state on the Western Bank of the River Jordan will pose an existential threat to Israel”.
Wilders, who heads the third largest parliamentary party in the Netherlands, is well known for his campaigning and policies against Islam and Muslims. He is  a strong supporter of Israel and considers it “the main front protecting the West”. He is also known for his “Jordan is Palestine” rhetoric.