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EU is ready to cooperate with the Tunisian government

January 31, 2014 at 12:13 am

The Special Representative of the European Union for the Southern Mediterranean has said that the EU is monitoring political developments in Tunisia closely and believes that the situation is moving forward and making progress.

Speaking after a meeting with the National Constituent Assembly’s Mustapha Ben Jaafar in Tunis on Saturday, Bernardino Leon stressed Europe’s support of Tunisia and its democratic institutions and said that Europe wants to establish new relations with the country.

Mr Leon expressed his admiration of the democratic transition of Tunisia and spoke about wanting to advance European-Tunisian partnership in all fields by setting up a work plan to serve mutual interests. The EU official urged Tunisian businessmen to focus on jobs in the coming period.

The National Constituent Assembly is set to elect a President, expected to be named as Monsef Al Marzouki, the head of the Conference for the Republic Party. President-elect Al-Marzouki will then ask the head of the party which won the Constituent Assembly elections to form a cabinet. The Secretary General of Al-Nahda Party, Hammady Al Jibali, looks set to be Tunisia’s new prime minister.