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Palestinian Ambassador thanks MEMO for Sheikh Raed support

January 31, 2014 at 12:13 am

Following the success of Sheikh Raed Salah’s appeal against a deportation order, the Palestinian Ambassador to London, Professor Manuel Hassassian, has offered his thanks to those who have  supported Sheikh Raed and helped to highlight the injustice of the government’s legal action. In particular, Prof. Hassassian thanked Middle East Monitor (MEMO), ITN Solicitors and other organisations who have done what he called “a tremendous job” in the 10-month battle to clear Sheikh Raed’s name against false accusations.

Ambassador Hassassian declared the Upper Immigration Tribunal’s ruling to be “a victory for Palestine”, and said that the British justice system had acted in a fair and just way. “This has not only restored dignity and credibility to a man who has campaigned for the Palestinian cause, but has also symbolised victory for the Palestinians in their struggle for freedom, liberty and human rights,” he added.

MEMO would also like to thank the Palestinian Embassy and Professor Hassassian in particular for his support for Sheikh Raed throughout his legal battle.