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Obama approves $480m military aid for Israel

February 4, 2014 at 10:45 am

President Barack Obama has agreed a new package of military aid for Israel worth $480 million during the current year. The aid will come out of the budget of the US Defence Department.

According to Hebrew website News One, the aid includes anti-missile defence systems, including Iron Dome and Arrow; $211 million has been allocated to support the Iron Dome missile defence system already in place. The balance will be allocated to the Arrow system to upgrade it into “Arrow 3” for intercepting missiles in the upper layers of the atmosphere.

The website notes that during 2012 American assistance to Israel’s missile systems, excluding Iron Dome, amounted to $235 million. It also noted that the US has allocated a total of $9.8 billion for missiles and missile protection, including the establishment of three military bases in the east of America.

Members of the US Congress have called for a clarification from the Department of Defence and State Department about whether the Israeli occupation forces want more Iron Dome batteries or interceptor missiles or any other equipment in the wake of the recent offensive against civilians in Gaza. The Congress Members stressed the need to maintain Israel’s security, as a strategic ally of the United States; they praised the success of the Iron Dome system during November’s bombardment.