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Veteran politician says Washington has no new political vision for Palestine

Veteran Palestinian politician and negotiator Dr. Hanan Ashrawi has said that there is no new vision for the future of Palestine among American officials in Washington. The senior member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organisation also suggested that the US is demanding an end to Palestinian efforts to mobilise international support for their cause.

In a statement on Sunday to Voice of Palestine, Dr. Ashrawi revealed that she delivered a letter from the Palestinian Authority's President Mahmoud Abbas to American officials on a recent trip to Washington. The letter confirmed that the PA is seeking formal acknowledgement from international institutions of their commitment to international laws and international legitimacy, and is demanding that Israel be brought to account for its continued violations against the Palestinian people and land.

According to Dr. Ashrawi, a number of talks have been held with various officials at the United Nations, including permanent delegates on the Security Council, to gain international support for the Palestinian leadership's moves on the international stage.

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