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Ahmed Maher of 6 April Movement: We made a mistake on 30/6. The brutal regime is back

February 5, 2014 at 12:59 am


Below is a transcript of the video:

We took part in the 30 June (demonstration), and that turned out to be a big mistake, and we took part in what was called the correction revolution of 30 June. We went to Al-Ittihadiyyah (presidential palace) and we went down to Tahrir Square. We heard that it was (meant to be) a correction and a remedy for Morsi’s mistakes.

We do not deny that Morsi did wrong. And we do not deny that he dealt with the situation with stupidity, nor do we deny that the Brotherhood group were too opportunistic. But what is happening now is seriously a return to the old regime and a return to the same old tactics used by Mubarak in the past; the same persecution, the same torture, the same corruption and the same lies are being spread in the media that existed during the time of Mubarak and the time of the Military Council, and, to some extent, during the time of Morsi. What is happening now is much worse.

The (current) law of demonstrations is worse than the emergency law that was used by Mubarak, and we are seeing the same stubbornness, all of which leads to the same result. Now the people have seen for themselves that all of the propaganda and everything promoted about us partaking in a correction revolution, and that we should tolerate and persevere in order to have a better life afterwards, and in order for us to reform the regime, has all been a lie. All that has happened is that the State Security has been restored once more, along with the torture, tyranny and fabrication of charges against people. The corrupt people are back.

Everything we rose against in the January 25th revolution is back and is even worse than before. We are certain that the outcome will be the same as before. The revolution’s youth and succeeding generations can see how the people are living in advanced countries, and they will certainly not allow the old regime to come back.

Even if they jail Ahmed Maher and even if they jail Alaa Abdelfattah and all the revolution’s youth, there will be other generations to take their place. So, if there are still sane people inside the regime, especially people who were counted as part of the revolution such as Dr Mustafa Higazi or Ziyad Bahaa Al-Din or others, if they still care about Egypt’s stability and if they care about the principles they so often talked to us about and we so often heard from them, then they should take a stance: Either they resign or they take part in the revolution.