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Egyptian exiles begin anti-coup campaign in Europe

February 5, 2014 at 2:12 am

A group of anti-coup Egyptians living in exile have published advertisements in European newspapers as the start of a campaign against the military coup and dictatorship in their homeland.

Called the “International Anti‐Coup Pro‐Democracy Alliance” (IACPDA), it defines itself as “an umbrella body of various groups and organisations from around the world”. Marking the 100th day of the coup, the group’s advert summarised the data about the horrific outcomes of the ousting of the elected president. The first advertisement was published in Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on October 14.

Under the headline, “The Death of Democracy: 100 Days of Dictatorship in Egypt”, the second advert appeared in Britain’s Guardian newspaper one day later. It pointed out that thousands of Egyptians have been arrested arbitrarily, including at least 140 children and 240 women. There are also reports of widespread use of torture; six journalists have been killed and dozens are under arrest.

The Egyptian economy has suffered badly since the coup, claims IACPDA, with inflation at nearly 15 per cent and foreign debt standing at $34.8 billion. Tourist numbers have fallen by 80 per cent, with losses of $720 million.

“Should we accept a military junta over democracy?” asks IACPDA in the advert. “Should we be funding and investing in a military junta that has already failed its people in only 100 days?”

The group also asks readers if they should stand by and allow the complete erosion of human rights, freedom of assembly, press freedoms and a campaign to terrorise any opposition to the July 3 coup.

The campaign has been condemned by several pro-coup Egyptian organisations. They accused the Muslim Brotherhood of seeking foreign assistance against the Egyptian people, something that the movement denies. Spokesman Abdullah Al-Haddad told Turkey’s Anadolu News Agency that its members are not behind the campaign.

   Anti-Coup advertisement in a German Newspaper