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"Judges for Egypt" to boycott constitution referendum

February 5, 2014 at 1:44 am

The President of Egypt’s Court of Appeals, Judge Mohamed Awad, has said that he will not participate in the judicial supervision of the referendum on the new constitution. He claims that the document lacks credibility.

Awad, who is also the General Coordinator of Judges for Egypt, said in a statement, “The proposed constitution allows the military to act as masters of the Egyptian people, legitimises military coups and eliminates Egypt’s Islamic identity to establish a secular state.”

The document, he added, denies the Egyptian people their rights to be the source of power in the country. “The proposed constitution is illegal because it has been issued by an illegal commission that did not represent the Egyptian people,” insisted Awad. “The referendum will take place under military rule, which has been renowned for electoral fraud since the 1952 coup.”