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UAE draws up plan to broaden coup support and income base

February 5, 2014 at 2:11 am

Egyptian, Arab and Western political sources have revealed that secret talks are taking place between Cairo and Abu Dhabi regarding a change in the economic support that the United Arab Emirates provides to Egypt. These changes will, it is claimed, be such that Egypt will be able to achieve sustainable economic growth in an attempt to rid the country of its dependence on foreign aid.

According to Al-Sharq newspaper, a former UAE official has told Egypt that Arab aid will not last forever. He warned those behind the coup that it is their responsibility to find ways to develop Egypt’s deteriorating economy.

The talks between the UAE and Egypt are looking at strategies for a comprehensive economic plan based on social support and proposals that will allow the coup government to have an income from capable Egyptian sectors. The plan is also to look at changes in economic development based on a broader tax base.