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Academic study: deposed Egyptian president was paid the lowest globally

A recent study for Brussels University reveals the wages of kings and presidents around the world. The study found that the King of Norway takes around €1.2 million ($1.58 million), among the highest wages, while deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi took around €7,600 ($10,000), earning the lowest wages.

The study found that the Dutch king earns €829,000 and the Duke of Luxemburg €645,000. Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama takes €355,000 and the German prime minister €277,000.

Arab kings earn the highest salaries around the world. For example, the study shows that the Saudi king takes €1.5 million ($2 million) as a monthly salary, annually totaling around a billion US dollars.

According to the study conducted by Herman Matheoges from Brussels University, which is the first of its kind, the Russian president earns $115,000 a year, the Philippines president $24,000 and the Turkish president $13,000 a month.

In comparison, the prime minister of Iraq earns $3 million a year.

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