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Al-Ghannouchi: Jihad is in Palestine not Tunis

February 8, 2014 at 2:39 pm

Leader of the Tunisian Al-Nahda movement, Sheikh Rashid al-Ghannouchi, has congratulated the Tunisian army and police for thwarting “terrorist acts” in the country and denounced calls for jihad.

Al-Ghannouchi said “The one who wants to do jihad has to go to Palestine.”

On the official Facebook page of his movement, Al-Ghannouchi said: “We salute the heroes of the national army and police as well as civil society for their confrontation of terrorist acts. We call on all youths to know that fighting Muslims is against Islam and it is one of the biggest crimes.”

The leader of the post-revolution ruling party said, “Our police are Muslims, our army are Muslims and our society is Muslim. This so-called jihad is not in its proper place…The one who wants to do jihad has to go to Palestine, not the Tunisian cities. These acts are wrong.”

Security sources in Tunis said, on Monday, that two security servicemen from the National Guards were wounded by a landmine. Militants are believed to have planted them across the Djebel Chaambi Mountain, the highest peak in Tunisia.

The same sources said that this was the fourth explosion of its kind in the last week as military servicemen tracked militants in the area. A number of military personnel were wounded.