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Algeria and Egypt agree to strengthen bilateral security cooperation

Algeria and Egypt have agreed to establish a bilateral contact group to strengthen their bilateral security cooperation.

The agreement came at the conclusion of talks on Monday, which took place in the Algerian capital, under the chairmanship of Ambassador Hussein Abdul Karim, Egypt's assistant foreign minister for legal affairs and international treaties and Mohamed Kamal Razak Bara, counselor to the Algerian President and coordinator of the Algerian ministerial working group on counter-terrorism.

Counselor Tamer Mamdouh, Chargé d'Affaires at the Egyptian Embassy in Algeria, said that during the bilateral talks, which lasted two days, the two parties had discussed the recent situation in the region and the Sahel.

He added that two parties have expressed their willingness to continue consulting one another through the establishment of a consultative bilateral communication group that aims to deepen bilateral security cooperation.

Mamdouh explained that during the talks, the two parties agreed that the bilateral communication group will hold regular meetings with dates to be determined through diplomatic channels.

It is noteworthy that Ambassador Hussein Abdel Karim had arrived in the Algerian capital the day prior to the talks, with a high-level delegation for a visit over several days.

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