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Secularists and liberals conspire against Islamic identity on live TV

February 8, 2014 at 2:48 am

A new scandal for coup supporters in Egypt has emerged after Egyptian ON TV, which is backed by Coptic businessman Naguib Sawiris, accidently aired a discussion between the billionaire and other secularists and liberals colluding against the Islamic identity of Egypt.

One of those involved, Helmi al-Nimnim said: “I insist that we have to lay down a new constitution because we are afraid of Al-Nour Party. The time to exclude Islamists from the political process has come. If not, then it means that we have done nothing yet because Al-Nour is more dangerous than the Muslim Brotherhood.” He likened Al-Nour to a wife who sells herself to other men when her husband doesn’t give her enough money. “This is what they [Al-Nour Party] do. They ask us for something and say: if you do not fulfil this, we will join Rabaa Al-Adawiyya protests,” he claimed. “No problem, go to hell.”

Helmi claimed that it was a lie to say that Egypt is religious by instinct. “In fact, Egypt is secularist by instinct.” Moreover, “There no democracy and progress in society without blood. There must be blood; blood was shed and more blood is going to be shed. We have to know that there is a bill needed to be paid.”

Advocate Tahani al-Jabali, who was assigned as a member in the Constitutional Court by deposed Hosni Mubarak, said: “The Salvation Front and Mohamed ElBaradei refused to reactivate the 1971 Constitution and its ratifications. They said they just wanted to modify some articles in the 2012 Constitutions in order to satisfy the desire of Al-Nour Party.”

She added that although ElBaradei speaks on behalf of the Salvation Front, “no one has authorised him to speak on behalf of Egyptians”. If there is a veto for Al-Nour, she insisted, it must be restraint. “We want to lay down a constitution without bargaining.”

When the TV staff told the group that they were on live television and were saying things that might upset the viewers, they were shocked and stopped speaking immediately.