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Sheikh Hassan al-Shafei's statement following massacre at Rabaa al Adawiya

February 8, 2014 at 1:38 am

Sheikh Hassan Shafei, former advisor at al-Azhar has said that history will not overlook the crimes of the coup and the massacre against peaceful protesters of legitimacy in Egypt

Video Transcript

Al Jazeera Anchor: Sheikh Shafie, al-Azhar advisor, what comment do you have now that the protest has been dispersed? We have heard calls from the mufti of al Azhar Mufti urging people to join the protestors and support them.

Sheikh Shafei: I send my concerns through your channel and I believe the grand mufti will make a statement within the next few hours. In the name of Allah, we thank Him for everything and peace be upon His prophet Mohammad. Al Azhar and the world witnessed the gains of the January 25th revolution and agreed that peaceful protest through strikes, sits-in and demonstrations were basic human right. A human has the right to express his opinion and no authority or (security) force has the right to oppress it. Any attempt exercised by the authorities to peacefully or forcibly oppress these sits- in, demonstrations or strikes is a theft of and an aggression against this basic human right.

It is an illegal act that contradicts all constitutions and laws and the perpetrators will be prosecuted for what they have done one day. The irresponsible acts this morning and the bloodshed of innocents implicates those who have participated in these crimes. We tell our oppressors that we are a great nation which is kind to all our enemies. You oppress everyone opposing you and indulge your supporters. We, who fell under your authority, have only our voice to complain to those with a clear conscience and who are not tainted by grudges and selfishness: we remind you of your good qualities.

Do not forget that only 10 km from Rabaa al Adawiya square and 3 km from Nahda square is another sit- in that you approve of. For a year or more you have been protecting the sits- in at Tahrir square with your men and equipment while you step on other sits-in with your shoes and bulldozers… Here or there, without discrimination; if anyone has a weapon; prosecute him for his crime but do not collectively punish the other protestors and oppress their basic human rights and shed innocent blood.

Unless your justice has double standards and you wish to divide the Egyptian people into two parties, one party that deserves protection and kindness because it supports you and the other party which deserves oppression. This reminds us of the republic guards’ massacres less than a month ago. God Grants peace to our sheikhs in al Azhar al Sharif who repeatedly used to say during such occasions “What I had feared has happened, to Allah we shall return”