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Syrian regimes' forces kill 46 citizens

February 9, 2014 at 4:22 pm

The Syrian Network for Human Rights said on Tuesday that military forces affiliated to Bashar al-Assad had killed 46 Syrians in the country.

The network based in London, was reported by Anadolu as saying, “The military operations carried out by the Syrian regime units killed 18 in the Damascus outskirts, 11 in Homs, eight in Daraa, two in Aleppo, two in Hama, one in Al-Qonaitera and one in Deir al-Zoor.”

According to the network, the Syrian army used an array of weapons, including heavy artillery shells and warplanes, when it targeted the Syrians in the various places.

Among the deaths, the network said, were ten women and five children. In addition, it said that there were tens of injuries amongst civilians.

Source: Rassd