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Activists calls for urgent protection of prisoners inside Israeli jails

Palestinian activists organised a symbolic funeral in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday for the Palestinian prisoner who died in an Israeli hospital after he had been denied proper healthcare for months.

Hassan Al-Torabi was pronounced dead by Israeli medical sources on Tuesday. He had spent 20 days in an intensive care unit after being admitted unconscious to the Israeli hospital. He had been suffering a severe headache and belly pains for months while in prison.

When he first started experiencing the pain, he asked for medical treatment in the prison clinic and was given painkillers.

However his health condition deteriorated more and more until he started vomiting blood. He fell unconscious and only then was he rushed to the hospital. His parents were allowed to accompany him.

Palestinian activists put responsibility for all prisoners' deaths on Israeli authorities. They say that there are currently more than 100 Palestinian prisoners inside of Israeli jails who suffer serious diseases. They are in desperate need of proper healthcare.

During the symbolic funeral, which started from the headquarters of the Red Cross in Gaza and ended at the doors of the offices of the UN, they called upon the international community to quickly intervene and save the lives of Palestinian prisoners.

Al-Torabi is the fourth Palestinian prisoner to die in an Israeli jail this year.

MEMO Photographer: Mohammed Asad

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