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Child refugees in Gaza express solidarity with fellow victims

February 11, 2014 at 11:34 am

Palestinians organised a symbolic funeral on Wednesday in front of the Gaza seaport to honour the Palestinian and Syrian refugees who drowned off the Italian coast last week.

Hundreds of Palestinian and Syrian refugees died when their ship sunk in the Mediterranean not far from the Italian coastline. They were fleeing the fierce war in Syria.

During the funeral, the refugee children of the Syrian war who fled to Gaza threw flowers into the sea, expressing their sadness and thoughts for the victims.

The head of a committee for the refugees, Syria Atef Al-Imawi, blamed UNRWA, the Arab regimes and the PLO for the deaths of the refugees at sea. He also blamed the mafia which shot at the ship off the Libyan coast.

He said that the dead refugees would not have fled their country if there were no war.

Atef Adwan, who is a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, placed the legal and ethical responsibility for the crime on the Arab states, which refused to receive the refugees, as well as on the international community. He accused them of not acting seriously to end the suffering of the Palestinian and Syrian refugees. Adwan also blamed UNRWA.